Characteristics of our team


Uptime advances the well-being of the company and our customers´, while also taking care of our employees´ satisfaction. The right mix of seniors and junior developers keeps the team eager to learn and to try new things, while always having control of the process, making sure deadlines are met and solutions delivered. We offer different workloads and -methods, making sure our people are able to study and keep the optimal work-life balance.


We value work done with passion. A will to work, a desire to learn, a healthy dose of curiosity and a good attitude is appreciated equally or maybe even a little bit more than extensive professional experience and knowledge. Uptime offers many development opportunities. Learn from the best, receive feedback and support. Have unlimited access to countless books and publications of the industry. Take exams and make certificates- it all depends on yourself.


Interpersonal communication forms an important part of our daily work. To have an open attitude is to express your opinion, to constructively criticize the work of others and to let others constructively criticize yours. After all, we all make mistakes from time to time - important is to recognize it and use the knowledge to become wiser and more skilled. We see each other more as friends rather than colleagues, which makes our office atmosphere very pleasant.

Our traditions - Something exciting is always happening

Being a part of Uptime´s team means so much more than just hard work from morning until evening. Everyone wants to sometimes relax and there are several options created for that in our company. We are a family and enjoy doing things together.

  • In-house celebrations

    On Fridays, we meet in the kitchen and start the last morning of another successful working week with fresh pastries and coffee. We celebrate different fun holidays together and of course we remember each-others´ birthdays and important life events.

  • Out of the office

    All teams have little occasional vacation days to recover energy and generate new ideas in a different environment. Every summer and winter we gather for the company-wide information days in some beautiful location bringing together all our teams. During the fun activities we have a chance to get to know each other better and discover the creative sides of our colleagues that we might not get to see on a usual day in the office.

  • And more

    We support athletic activities, take part in the sporting events and go on a multi-day bicycle trip every summer to discover interesting sites far from the highway. We have gathered money for the Animal Shelter and visited the animals, together we also go to Blood Donation Center and help save lives.

We have good conditions for an effective working environment

  • For working

    Good working atmosphere and conditions are very important for us. Modern building in the city center, comfortable office rooms and ergonomic facilities, as well as having a chance for a lunchtime walk are all part of our usual day at work.

  • For studying

    An important component of our offices is the library, which today contains more than 600 different volumes of mainly professional books and magazines. Selection is constantly replenished thanks to proposals of our employees.

  • For relaxing

    Who´s a bit tired of work, can choose a refreshing hot or cold drink and something tasty from the spacious kitchen and rest for a moment on the huge soft couches or have an active break playing table tennis in our multi-functional meeting/recreation room.